Play Fleazer for about three minutes and this parasite blood-sucking game will seem oddly familiar. Hop here, hop there, turn here, turn there, and avoid the enemies while you’re at it. Then you realize it’s almost like Frogger, but in 3D and with weird camera angles.

Developed and published by Namo Game Studios, Fleazer focuses on an adventurous flea scouring the skin of the human body in his search for blood, which he’ll need to drink in order to survive.

Like other 3D incarnations of Frogger, movement is more on ‘square-to square’, meaning you can only move up, down, left or right. One issue you’ll notice right from the start is how movement takes place in the game. Instead of your character moving from one spot to another, the entire screen shifts depending on the direction you’ve chosen. This change in perspective really limits any strategic movement and throws off the timing due to the confusing camera angles. 

Even if you can get past the camera angles, Fleazer didn’t offer enough depth to keep me playing past the two-hour mark. If the developer can overhaul the controls and polish the graphics a bit, the game might find more success if geared more towards a younger audience. Until then, flick this flea to the side until improvements are made.

– Simple, non-complicated gameplay
– A younger audience may find the game to their liking


– Confusing camera angles
– Redundant gameplay
– Graphics need polish

Fleazer probably looked good on paper but the execution was poorly implemented. More polish and fine-tuning would have made this game ‘better’.