Retro Game Pickup: Final Fantasy X and More!

by | Apr 7, 2018 | Retro

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If you’re looking for some cool, retro, SNES, Sega, 3DO, or Neo Geo stuff look no further than your local hospital! Many nurses, doctors, residents and interns spend almost 2/3 of their working life inside the hospital since many of us work 16-24 hour work days. And since there isn’t a whole lot do to during hospital downtime, many of us have taken up gaming to help pass the time.

So today, I traded several nurses and a few interns giving up a few of SNES and Genesis games I had (they were duplicates) for a few PSX games I didn’t have. I know some would say never to trade SNES games for PSX, Gamecube or XBOX games, but I’m a sucker for colorful box art and many of the games I received were either sealed or in very good condition. Hell, I even manage to snag a 3DO game in the middle of it all.

Overall not a bad haul considering I did this within the last 2 hours of my shift ending,

Do ya’ll remember those cute little big-headed people in Citizen Kabuto? I do.


  • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis – I love the series but bummed that it did not have the full case
  • Giants: Citizen Kabuto – Played it long ago on the PC. I still have the box for it too!
  • Fire Emblem – haven’t played it.
  • Zelda – What can I say? It’s Zelda
  • Bomberman – Never played the Gamecube version
  • Final Fantasy X – I tried it on the Saturn at one time but never on the Playstation 2
  • Half-Life – Received this for FREE
  • Guardian War – This is the Japanese import for the 3DO since the box art does not look like the one I have at home
  • The Warriors – This is my second copy of the game.
  • .hack G.U. – Don’t know too much about this, but my Korean friend says it’s really good
  • Tales of Symphonia – I’m not to crazy about these types of games, but I like the art
  • Air Force Delta – Another duplicate game but I took it anyways because the CD on my original was all scratched up
  • Bloody Roar 2 – Played it when it first came out. Only thing missing here was the manual.