I know what you’re saying, “What? More 3DO pictures? Don’t you collect anything else?” Well, I do. Kinda. Just like many of you, I was bitten by the video game bug at an early age when my parents brought home an Atari 2600. I loved that thing to death! Missile Command and Asteroids were the pack-in games and by brothers and I played it until the flimsy controller broke. My parents weren’t about to splurge on another system, so we went another year or so years without a video game console.

It wasn’t until the 16-bit days of the SNES and Genesis that I started to get interested in video games again.  Unfortunately, there weren’t a whole lot of games that kept my interest until the 32-bit systems started to appear. And the first one that showed up on my radar was the Panasonic 3D0. When I saw Madden on that thing, I knew I had to buy it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have all the cash upfront at that time to buy it (the 3DO was selling for $699) so I traded in my stock Acura rims for $500 and walked into Electronic Boutique that same day and walked out with a spankin’ new 3DO in hand! And with that was the start of my infatuation with the system.

Enjoy these pics of the 3DO software from the August 1994 Issue of Diehard Gamefan!