Take a walk back to 1989 where we crack open the retro vault and pull out a vintage copy of the October edition of GamePro Magazine.

For many, the mid and late 80s heralded several milestones including the stateside release of Dragon Warriors for the NES, the release of WonderBoy III for the Genesis, the debut of Atari’s handheld portable, the Lynx and perhaps, most notably, the introduction of the Turbo Grafx-16 by NEC which would ultimate help jump-start the console wars of the 1990s. 

  • A review of Wonderboy III for the Sega Master System. This was the 3rd installment of the Wonderboy series which is not to be confused with the arcade game WonderBoy 3: Monster Lair. I had this game but never got around to finishing it.
  • A quick preview of Phantom Fighter for the NES. This beat 'em up featured a kung fu master looking for an evil witch that has taken over a small town. This was one game I never got a chance to play or try out but the premise seemed pretty cool.
  • It wasn't unusual for gaming magazines back in the day to have a dedicated comic series devoted to them.
  • Some 'cutting edge' technology for the NES. We might chuckle at them now but at that time, these gadgets were state of the art.
  • Peripherals for the Turbo Grafx-16 console. Despite some stellar games and aggressive marketing done by NEC, the TG-16 was never able to go head to head with either Sega or Nintendo. It did, however, have a loyal following and continues to do even today.
  • A review of World Class Baseball for the TG-16. While most games were packed with less than a meg of ram, World Class Baseball was packed with 2.5 megabits of ram! Impressive, huh?
  • Before it was called SWATPRO, Gamepro's tricks and tips section was called HotTips!
  • Back in the day, players would actually share their game tips by mailing them to the magazine. Yes, mail.
  • Dragon Spirit for the TG-16 was a hot commodity in Japan and released here in the states by Atari. It received wide acclaim from critics and gamers alike upon its debut. Unfortunately, the decision to not release the original Dragon Spirit to the more popular NES meant that only a handful of gamers would be able to experience this great shooter.
  • The ProNews Report looked just like a newspaper piece.
  • Could you beat the Pros? If so, Gamepro had a section where readers were encouraged to send in a photo of their top score in exchange for some cheesy prizes and bragging rights!
  • A nice little ad for the Sega Genesis consoles.