Before Gamestop, before Software Etc, before Electronic Boutique, there was only one place die-hard gamers in the early ’90s purchased their gaming goodness. That was Babbage’s.

Let’s take a look back at a typical catalog from a now defunct, but memorable gaming store.

The catalog was typically on the thin side, averaging no more than 20 pages or less. But it covered the most popular games of the day without the fluff of those irritating ‘educational’ software.

A look at some of the popular gaming trends / gaming software. I think I owned almost all the games on this page!

An ad for the Gameboy

Back in the day, most developers assumed that PC gamers were more ‘mature’ than their console siblings. Hence, many of the games released in the early part of the 80’s and 90’s were grand strategy games or real world simulators as pictured above.

An ad for the awesome Neo Geo. If you were -or still are- are an avid retro gamer, then you definitely had one of these bad boys in your collection!

Hard to believe that there were so many Babbage’s located throughout the country. Now, they are just a memory….