The early ’90s was the protagonist of early CD-based systems like the Playstation, the 3DO, the Sega Mega-CD, and the much-rumored Nintendo CD system. There was also much talk about existing technologies that would revamp and enhance the Gameboy Color and the SNES using a specialized, but still very secretive, SNES convertor. While many of ‘next-gen’ enhancements were stealing the spotlight, cartridge-based gaming was still making equally impressive leaps. Take, for example, the cover story of Street Fighter 2 for the SNES. This was a game that millions of players have been waiting for, and Capcom, seeing the potential to roll in the money, quickly seized on the opportunity.

Instead of trying to cram all the arcade goodness into a small four to eight meg cartridge, Capcom allowed its programmers to let loose with an unprecedented 16meg of memory. The result was a game that, although expensive for its time, was the best arcade-to-home conversion ever created.

Take a stroll back in time as we flip through our copy of EGM’s April 1992 gaming magazine…

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