After 3 years of development in silence and nearly 9 months in Early Access, Landinar: Into the Void sees its full release today on Steam! Check out the brand new trailer including all the new features!

From the developers of ConvoyLandinar: Into the Void is an action-packed space adventure in a backwater quadrant under the tight control of the empire.

Landinar: Into the Void is a top-down space-adventure-RPG. You are recruited as a rookie bounty hunter in the oppressive Landinar Empire. On your journey through the quadrant you will meet diverse characters, build your own spaceship and choose your battles.


  • The quadrant: Explore the quadrant of Landinar: into the Void any way you like. Travel to 10+ (with more to come) different sectors to find new people, tech and different types of enemies. 
  • Build your own spaceship: Gather hull templates and parts to design and build your own ship. Do you prefer speed or gunpower? Build your ship to match your personal playing style. 
  • Seamless scaling: Dock your ship, walk around a station, get into the cockpit and seamlessly fly out into space whenever you feel like it. 
  • Enjoy the universe at your own pace: Decide where to go, who you work for and how you complete your objectives.

You can check the game out on Steam!