Destructive Creations partnered with Behemoth Entertainment to extend the universe around the successful, yet highly controversial 2015 twin-stick shooter HATRED. Hatred: Subscribe or Die is the first spin-off story created and is releasing digitally today on Steam, as DLC to the base game for 3.99 EUR/USD. A printed edition will also be made available later this year.

Next volume of the series, Hatred: Black Label, offers distinct Hatred visuals and a different angle on the main storyline. It is being finalized and will be coming soon in both digital and printed form.

Hatred comic books base their storyline in approximately the same time as the original game, sparking other events and making new characters directly or indirectly involved in the journey “The Antagonist” chose to take. Today we meet Lily:

Lilith (Lily) Johnson has lived the life most girls could only dream of. A former child actor, Lily spends her days being a bad girl… always in the paparazzi’s lens. Recently taking to Etseon to earn money from her male fan base, Lily has become something of a sex symbol sensation selling lewd photographs and videos of herself to those who can afford them. But her influence takes the on a solid form once an unknown killer emerges and Lily’s wild imagination and lust for blood emerge.