Ah, the joys of a straight up, no-nonsense, balls to the walls action game. Developers Indefagitable brings old school FPS back in grand style with Amid Evil, an unabashed action pack first-person shooter set in an extremely inquisitive retro stylized looking world.

Set against a pulsating backdrop of blood-red textures, it takes a mere ten minutes to realize Amid Evil is pure gold. The first minutes or so introduces the player to the pure visceral world where every polygon pops out in a rainbow of colors. Then, at about the three to four-minute mark, there’s the sense of power and scale as you aim your weapon at some grizzly hooded foes and annihilate them with a supercharged fireball.

By the time you hit the five and seven-minute mark, you’re finally starting to get deep into the intricacies of the game running and gunning your way through complex mazes and dishing out some brutal attacks on your enemies. By the ten minute mark, you’re sitting back, panting and muttering to yourself, “Damn, this game is awesome”

Hell Hath No Fury

Frightening on a grand scale, with creatures, weapons, and sinister backdrops that rival those of any modern games, Amid Evil is somewhat more sophisticated than the reigning shooter king, Half-Life. All the descriptions and reviews I’ve read about Amid Evil tries too hard to convince you that the game is more than a blatant kill fest. But once you get int the game, you’ll quickly realize it is more of a shooter than a thinker. But damn, what a shooter it is.

Because the focus here is purely to kill, there are no complex levers to pull, buttons to push, or convoluted puzzles to solve. Your mission is to get to the boss at the end of each level by any means possible. Luckily, you’re given an ax as a starting weapon and can gradually upgrade to more devasting ones by picking up spells and floating orbs left behind by the enemies you’ve killed. And man, do some of these spells pack a wallop. For example, the giant fireball propelled launcher destroys everything in its vicinity amid a blinding flash of light.

Alternately, if mystic type weapons leave you feeling cold, more conventional worldly firearms like grenade launchers, shotguns, and missile launchers are available. Each shot is accompanied with believable audio burst and slick visual indicators, the most impressive being the tremendous fireballs I mentioned earlier.

The killing ground, meanwhile, is simply exquisite to look at. Powered by the Unreal 4 engine, the surroundings are peppered with dizzying ups and downs, subterranean waterways, and murky caverns that reflect gorgeously rendered shadows There are seven distinct episodes in the game with each thoroughly displaying superb lighting and color.

By the ten minute mark, you’re sitting back, panting and muttering to yourself, “Damn, this game is awesome”

If You Want Hard, I’ll Give You (semi) Hard

It’s worth noting that, particularly at the middle to upper-level difficulty, the game becomes progressively harder to complete. As a challenge, the game is bitterly hard from the get-go which may turn off casual players who have never played or were too young to play, the original Heretic games of the past.

Adding to the game’s appeal, the enemies come in virtually any grotesque form you can imagine. From dark hooded monstrosities to sword-wielding humanoid creatures, each type comes at you from every direction. At the completion of each scenario await a particularly vicious brute who will taunt and ridicule you before killing you. My only caveat with the bosses is how unbalanced the difficulty becomes with the later bosses being too easy to beat and the early ones too hard.

Amid Evil follows the retro style recipe of Half-Life and Hexen by utilizing mini-chapters instead of full game loads, which makes the entire game mechanic wonderfully fluid. Unfortunately, the game does not support online or multiplayer features, which would have increased the games replayability factor.

In the end, however, Amid Evil shines with its thundering gameplay, beautiful graphics, and non-linear style mechanics. If you’ve visited this site before, you know I am into everything old school so I was hooked when I first laid my eyes on this game. The retro look and feel aren’t for everyone, but those willing to give it a try will find themselves pleasantly surprised by the experience. I know I was.

– Stunning retro graphics
– Fun, immersive gameplay
– Excellent use of music and sound effects


– Tough to beat on the highest difficulty
– Some noted clipping issues
– Crashed several times on a 1080 card


If old school corridor first-person shooters are your prayer, then Amid Evil is your answer.