As you might partially guess from the title, World of Horror is an Indie horror RPG from panstasz and Ysbryd Games, but it has something that caught my attention: the game was designed to be a homage to Junji Ito and H. P. Lovecraft – both great icons of the horror genre.

The game mechanic works like many other text-based RPGs, you will find plenty of reading, that much is true, but all text is accompanied by old-style pixel art in black and white. You will definitely notice at once the inspiration drawn from both Ito and Lovecraft in both the art style and the writing, with old gods and monsters abound. To go with the old-style feel, the midi-type music seems to fit it fairly well, but it wasn’t really my favorite thing to listen to.

Your character has a set of stats and attributes that you must maintain carefully balanced in order to reach a good ending and not lose all your reason or, even worse, die before the final part. Each choice you make will affect some of your stats.

Like I mentioned before, you have several mysteries of various difficulties to delve through in any order you please before the big final scene, and each of these mysteries have side quests that you can either ignore or play through as you wish – although it is highly recommended that you do play through them, both for the story and for the better chances of survival it can bring.

The details in the art are pretty amazing, and it’s wonderful to see all they can do with just black and white pixels. The world feels alive (well, maybe undead is a better word) and there are several interactions you can do with your surroundings.

Replayability is quite high, particularly if you chose to ignore some side quests on a first playthrough, but also because the choices you make truly affect the outcome of the story, and every new playthrough offers something new. 

Would I recommend Wold of Horror? Definitely! If you want to experience real horrors and not something that only relies on jump scares, this one is definitely it!

– No cheap jumpscares
– A wonderful blend of Ito and Lovecraft themes
– High Replayability
– Admirable art and visuals


– Still a little buggy
– Not too fond of the music

Despite still being in Early Access, World of Horror promised plenty and delivered even more!