I can’t begin to tell you how many days I have squandered, gazing at my monitor like a zombie, clutching the mouse and vowing, “Just one more try, then I’ll get on with my life”, only to keep on playing for a few hours more.

I hate to admit it, but yes, I belong to the PGA. No, not the Professional Golfers Association, but the Puzzle Gamers Annonymous. You see, I’m a puzzle freak. It doesn’t matter what game or what systems it’s on, I’ll play it. I thought I had my problem under control until I was handed a copy of TILTit by indie developer MABE Play. And now, I’m a complete mess….again.

TILTit’s basic premise is simple, and yet, so addictive. You line up falling squares with different designs on a verticle plane to create matching pairs. When the pairs are lined up, they explode and disappear leaving you more room to place additional blocks. Sounds simple, no? Well, it is. Until you factor in that the verticle plane you’re playing on is actually a see-saw that sways and tilts depending on how many blocks you have on it. The more blocks you have on one side, the more off-balanced it becomes until it totally tilts over. Then it’s game over.

Instinct alone will get you through the first few levels, but to score the really big points or to complete the later levels, you must employ some strategy. Personally, I found it helpful to stack blocks on top of each other right down the middle and used the sides to keep things balanced. Just like other puzzlers, you don’t always get the blocks you’ll want or need making it essential to preplan what blocks will fall next and where to place them.

Graphically, TILTit has a distinct retro neon look to it reminiscent of Tron and Battlezone with vector-like graphics that sizzle and zap in cool little explosions. The spatial surroundings give the appearance of movement which is subtle but impactful especially when physics comes into play.

Each block that lands on the plane move and sways realistically making for some nerve-racking moments. In one stage, I had four blocks on top of each other with the see-saw leaning very close to the right side. You can see the top block quivering and shaking ready to tip over as I desperately tried to land additional pieces on the weak side to keep it balanced. This one moment alone probably aged me by ten years!

The music and sound effects are serviceable but not spectacular. But to be quite honest it doesn’t have to be when the gameplay is already pretty solid. Still, a few more upbeat techno tunes would have made the game feel more lively.

Overall, TILTit is a wonderful addition to anyone who enjoys challenging puzzle games. When you are left wondering how these blocks piled upon you, you’ll be shaking your fist at the devilish mind who created this madness. Go ahead and give it a try. If you get hooked, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

– Simple but addictive gameplay
– Tight and responsive controls
– Lots of replayability


– Can benefit from more tunes / soundtrack

is an addictive game that is sure to please players looking for an alternative to Tetris.


very good