The term ‘off-roading‘ may inspire thoughts of guys named Otis and Bubba tearing through the muddy backwoods in a modified jeep with empty beer cans and Slim Jim wrappers in the back seat. Instead, think of souped-up all-terrain vehicles slashing through mud, dirt, and boulders the size of small cars. This isn’t your typical inbred backyard obstacle course, this is Overpass, by Swedish developer Zordix Racing and it will leave you sitting at the edge of your seat the second you start the engine.

The game ships with twenty four fully licensed vehicles from top name manufacturers like Polaris, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, and Suzuki and are exact replicas of their make and model. Because of the license, however, the vehicles won’t have any external damage showing but will take hits to the physics engine if you pile on the damage a little too much. The goal here is to navigate each steep incline, slope, and obstacle the most efficient way possible while doing it in the shortest amount of time. Players who have a tendency of keeping the pedal to the metal will find themselves at a disadvantage because Overpass requires finesse and skill, not necessarily speed, to successfully conquer each hurdle.
The courses and obstacles will take players through various environments from the lush forest to the rocky mountaintops and are set in very detailed tracks with lots of rocks, lumber, dirt, and mud splashing around. The Climb to the Top is my favorite feature of the game since you start at the bottom of the hill and must find the best path to the top. While this event is shorter, it does require more thought and skill to complete.

As a rule, any type of simulator on the PC is usually hit or miss. But Zordix Racing, and their publisher, Big Ben Interactive, are dedicated to supporting the game for the long haul. If they can continue to add more content, enhance the online features and resolve some of the clipping issues, Overpass will be a monster hit and should keep the mud flying for years to come.

– Detailed graphics
– Climb the Hill is AWESOME!
– Engaging soundtrack!

– A few noticeable clipping issues
– Couldn’t find anyone online
– No real damage model

Overpass is a very good off-road simulator that focuses on finesse rather than speed. If you like this type of sim, don’t pass this up!


Very Good