When hoodlums make off with Postal Dude’s car, trailer home, and some of his other prized possessions, you would normally chalk this as another setback for the psychopathic stranger. But when his beloved pair of nipples rings, trench coat, and his favorite purple dildo go missing, things get really personal…and Postal Dude and his loyal sidekick Champ, aren’t going to take this lying down! As a matter of fact, only massive amounts of firepower, explosives, and decapitations are going to satisfy this deranged lunatic.

If you’re familiar with the Postal franchise, we don’t need to describe the gameplay to you. If you’re not, well, be prepared to be grossly entertained. Developed and self-published by the deranged minds at Running With Scissors, Postal 4: No Regerts (yes, that’s the way its spelled) brings back all the over-the-top lunacy that has made the series legendary.

The game is still in early access so many of the gameplay mechanics are still missing. But what I’ve played so far has left me ridiculously entertained. Here are a couple of things I’m liking so far:

  • Free Roam: You can go anywhere, do anything, kill anyone, and after a long hard day of setting people on fire, you can pee on their burning corpse.
  • Weapons: Postal Dude can use the traditional arsenal of weapons like shotguns, pistols, and whatnots. But by far, the best ones are when you throw a cage of pigeons at people and watch them get pecked to death. Who knew birds can be so deadly?
  • Peeing on unsuspecting passerby’s and watching them vomit unlimited amounts of bile. In fact, Postal Dude probably holds the record for the largest bladder because he can hold in gallons and gallons of yellow piss.
  • Playing for long periods of time will cause you to hemorrhage and collapse. So play at your own risk!

You can check out more of Postal 4 on Steam