Even 2K admits that as far as technically innovative basketball games go, it’s way behind what sports gamers have been clamoring for. But when it comes to gameplay, NBA 2K20 is the most consuming basketball game on the market.

The vast array of options and features make 2K20 the most versatile and complete game of the series. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect because it’s far from that. But until something better comes along on the PC front, it will remain the go-to game of the PC hardwood.

2K20 uses crisps and ultra-smooth motion-captured graphics to deliver its game to the court. Every player is rendered exquisitely to their real-life counterparts. From Curry chowing down on his mouthpiece to Harden’s caveman inspired facial hair, everything looks fantastic.

On the downside, however, players still skate around the court as if they are playing on ice. The passing mechanics still manages to look a bit unreal, and opposing players are able to catch up to your man on many fast breaks. While the animations look great, it actually causes one of the games biggest problems: it throws your player out of bounds or forces him to go the wrong way which results in a decidedly stiff control that gives you very little feel for what’s happening on the court.

Despite those shortcomings, 2K20 continues to dominate in its realistic and easy to call plays, along with simulation modes including Full Season, Up-To-Date Rosters, Franchise, and the ability to try your skills with the WNBA players.

NBA 2K20 is a good game but somewhere in their delivery, 2K comes up short to the expectations of their fan base. I would even argue that all the said features could have been updated or patched into 2K19. Still, 2K20 has taken another jab at changing basketball games as we know it. And while it failed in several key areas, what it does offer is a beautiful looking game that provides decent gameplay and quality fun. Unfortunately, it never consumed me much as 2K16 did.

As you can probably tell, I’m a little put off with the game. I know updates will come and sort out some of my issues, but the way the game is now, I can’t even recommend it to anyone but die-hard players. It just feels incomplete, which is a shame since a few more months of polishing would have probably resulted in a much better game

– Great graphics and fluidly animations
– Enhanced blocking
– Ability to play with WNBA players


– Passing remains abysmal
– Ongoing connectivity issues on the PC

A slightly better game than 2K19 but only slightly. Aside from the option to play as WNBA players, there’s really no need to upgrade from 2K19.