If you ever watched Braveheart and wanted to split your enemies in half without wearing a kilt, then indie developer Cyber Rhino Studios’ new action game, Musashi vs Cthulhu, may just be the blood and guts sword-wielding game you’ve been waiting for. This 2D Japanese inspired title follows the cavernous exploits of a warrior, who’s been inflicted by a curse and must fight off wave after wave of monsters to survive.

Despite not having any multiplayer features, the single-player-only adventure mode is surprisingly satisfying. The levels are varied and nicely designed with scrolling backgrounds, lush scenery, and hand-drawn graphics reminiscent of those found in classic16-bit games. Graphically, all the characters are sharp and detailed with lots of special effects thrown in. The animation, however, could be better. But honestly, when the gore starts flying around, you don’t necessarily miss those extra frames.

The music is excellent and the sound effects fit the violence well. Since this title is a typical fighter in the same vein as One Finger Death Punch, the gameplay is only as good as the game that uses it. So if nothing else, the developers deserve credit for incorporating a rather old play style into a new game that is fun to play and hard to put down. The gameplay mechanics are ridiculously easy: simply slash and dispose of enemies as they come towards you. Since you are placed smack in the center of the screen, enemies will always attack from either left or right, and on many occasions, from both sides; upping the challenge considerably. 

The game can be played with either a mouse/KB or a controller. Personally, I played the whole game through with just the mouse and keyboard with no issues. The control schemes are precise and accurate giving you direct control of every slash, hack, and jab. You have up to six attacks with each button and arrow key corresponding to specific high, low, and midline attacks. At times your character seems to rotate way too much when swinging from side to side making it feel more like a mindless button smasher instead of a coordinated attack.

Even with its slightly repetitive gameplay, Musashi vs Cthulhu is a blast to play whether for long sessions or in short fifteen-minute intervals. The mindless slashing might turn off some people, but for those willing to stick with it to the end, this game is a definite winner. 

– Immersive Gameplay
– Tight and responsive controls
– Beautifully rendered graphics
– Great price!


– Can get repetitive
– Lacks more content

The addictive gameplay will leave you wanting more. Just make sure to rest those fingers every now and then!


Very Good