The bloody action/adventure sidescroller Infected Shelter has everything gore seekers could ever want: zombies, deadly weapons, decapitated heads, dismembered limbs, and oh yeah, lots and lots of blood. If you thought Rick from Splatterhouse didn’t do enough in the plasma and gore category, Infected Shelter offers more interaction and by far, more bloodshed.

As one of the remaining survivors of a post-apocalyptic world, you’ll have to hack and slash your way through randomly generated areas, slaughtering infected creatures, enemy factions, and brutal leaders. If you score a direct hit on an enemy’s head, it lops off–at which point you can pick it up and throw it at another enemy to maximize the damage. If you really want to see the blood fly, however, just pick up a chain saw and cut those unsavory bastards into tiny chunks. You’ll see more burning flesh and slabs of meat laying around you’d think you were at a local steakhouse restaurant!

The graphics have an old school look reminiscent of the old 16-bit SNES days. The color palette is used to great effect making every level unique and appealing. And although the hit detection is spot on you can’t always line up a perfect shot even when your foe is standing right in front of you. Fortunately, the heroic music, whimsical animations, and challenging gameplay keep the action from ever getting boring.

The real stars of the game, however, are the unusual characters you can choose to play with. From the pegged-leg brute who uses his leg-stump as a weapon; to my personal favorite, Old Grandpa in a wheelchair; you’ll die laughing just watching these wack pack dimwits run around chopping and slicing their way to victory.

Controls are tight and responsive as they should be given the helter-skelter action on the screen. One nit-pick I do have, however, is the insane difficulty as you progress further into the game. That last boss was borderline suicidal! I deserve a medal or something just for surviving that ordeal. My tip to anyone who has yet to beat the final boss is to roll, and roll, and roll, a lot!

Even with that minor gripe, Infected Shelter definitely makes the proverbial cut. The enormous amount of loot, relic, and weapon drops keeps the action hot and heavy while the zany animations keep the gameplay fresh and entertaining. Dark Blue Games has done a marvelous job with the game and has set the stage for a bloody good sequel.

– Wacky Beat’em up!
– Humorous animations
– Lots and lots of blood!


– Insane difficulty 
– Excessive gore may turn off some players

If you enjoy beat ’em ups with a sense of humor and grisly animations, Infected Shelter might is the game for you!


very good