A lot can be said for simple arcade shoot’em ups and for people that enjoy playing them. The relentless twitch of the trigger finger and constant demand on the reflexes can prove to be an enjoyable diversion. So when a game comes out and provides good, crisp graphics, smooth gameplay, and a variety of foes to shoot down, it makes it all the more fun.

That’s what Pixel Game Studios brings us with their latest offering, Horgihugh. There’s nothing fancy here. It’s a simple side-scrolling shooter with, as the game’s description implies, you pilot a small plane and shoot everything in sight.

There are six stages to go reign devastation in with the ultimate goal of beating the boss at the end of each stage. Before each level, you can outfit your tiny plane with upgradable weapons such as blasters, bombs, missiles, and a large array of unique weapons you can purchase in the game’s laboratory.

Of course, all of these upgrades will cost you so the further you progress, the more powerful equipment you can afford. One unique feature I did enjoy was the ‘Buddy System’ which allows an AI controlled friend to assist you in dishing out even more punishment.

Graphically, Horgihugh does not disappoint. The retro stylized background and environments for each stage are all unique, and along with a diverse amount of enemies, helps to keep things fresh and exclusive. And that’s important as all shooters become repetitive after awhile. Special mention has to go to the musical score and soundtrack which provides an appealing upbeat tempo that goes perfectly well with the gameplay.

Though this type of game has been done before, many times in fact, Horgihugh’s take on the classic side-scrolling shooter is a definite good one. Even though the game is easy to beat, even on the highest difficulty, it still provides an immersive gaming experience. So, if you’re in the mood for a challenging shoot’em up that’s pure, clean, and simple, then Horgihugh is the game for you.

– Good Graphics
– Fun, engaging gameplay
– Accurate, precise controls
– A simple game to pick up and play


– Easy to complete even on higher difficulty
– No online or multiplayer support
– Cartoonish graphics may turn off some players


A fun little shooter that is easy to pick up and play. Although it is relatively easy to beat, it still provides hours of enjoyment.


Very Good