In today’s crowded field of fighting games, very few titles ever manage to bring something new to the genre. Most are games are developed and released without much thought behind them, and others, are released to make a quick buck. Fortunately, Koei Tecmo didn’t follow this route with Dead or Alive 6 and has created a game that is both fun and innovative.

DOA6 takes its core mechanics straight from Namco’s incredible Tekken series, which will make many gamers feel right at home. The only alteration is the use of the ‘block’ button which has now been replaced with a ‘hold’ button that accompanies either a punch or kick, making easy to pull off reversals and throws.

Each of the included characters fights using their own unique fighting styles, so you’ll have a large assortment of styles to choose from. Some players may prefer to take control of Hayabusa due to his tenacity and strength, while others may play better using a more nimble character like Nico or Hitomi. All in all, they are pretty balanced. However, a few characters like Marie and Zack just don’t seem to have enough useful moves to be effective when matched against the other powerhouses in the game.

As far as gameplay goes, which is the most important part, DOA6 pretty much feels like Tekken, with the strategy behind the game being a bit different. Reversals, blocks, and throws are now pretty easy to execute, which makes the flow of the game feel more fluid.

Unlike previous Dead or Alive games from the past, you just can’t pound the punch or kick buttons hoping to win, because your attacks can be easily countered. You have to vary your attacks methodically and go on the defensive from time to time, which isn’t a bad thing. But once you get into the meat of the fight mechanics, you’ll instantly fall in love with it and will simply never go back to any other fighting game.

In every facet, DOA6 is step up above the normal fighting games released within the last decade or so. Graphically, it looks simply beautiful and factors in what is perhaps the most impressive models you will ever see. The ease of the controls will quickly enable you to learn the basics and the sheer amount of strategies will provide you with many, many hours of replayability. What more can I say? Dead or Alive 6 is a monumental gem that needs to be in every gamer’s library.

– Beautifully detailed graphics
– Tons of strategies to learn and master
– Dual stick adds some cool control variation
– Wonderful musical score


– AI controlled characters need work
– Need a beefy system to get maximum enjoyment
– DLC policy continues to irk gamers


One of the most beautiful and well-playing fighters to ever hit the PC.