Fans of airborne shooters have had very little to cheer about since the release of the Jungle Strike series for the Sega Genesis. But indie developer, Synthetic Mind AB, aims to fill the empty skies with its newest air strike game, Carpet Bombing. With an entertaining mix of missions that are far better than most arcade shooters, Carpet Bombing just might be what the field medic ordered. 

There isn’t much to the story other than placing you on in the role of an elite fighter pilot engaging in aerial dogfights across endless waves of ground and air battles. There are approximately a handful of unique fighter planes to choose from, each having its own unique strengths and special abilities. Though the description says each craft flies and handles differently from each other, they all really feel the same way. However, the massive firepower you can obtain at later levels makes each aircraft unique in its own way.

Missions are broken up into mini-campaigns, and you’ll have to complete all of them successfully to move on to the next. The level design and the destructible terrain are the game’s strongest features. Played in a traditional 2D side-scrolling view, the mission objectives are diverse and include randomly generated maps that take place in a variety of locations. A slew of inventive and creative power-ups gives you even more deadly firepower which you’ll need to take out the bosses after each level. The game sports eye-pleasing graphics with lush backgrounds, cool explosions, and terrain that can be literally wiped away from bombs and missiles.  

Carpet Bombing isn’t too challenging, however, and can be completed in a relatively short amount of time. The controls, on the other hand, are spot on and make performing complex aerial maneuvers a cinch. The game does support mouse and keyboard, but you’ll have a much better gaming experience using a controller. While the simplicity of the game might turn off some players, those looking for some old fashioned airborne fun should definitely check it out.

– Old school arcade fun
– Smooth and responsive controls
– Full-blown explosions add to the effects

– Game is a bit short
– Simple gameplay might turn off some gamers

Carpet Bombing rockets to lofty heights when the great shooters of the past fly!