It’s not often a game comes along that’s as simple as it is satisfying, but here it is, and it proves once again that it can be done. Like so many of the go-anywhere 3D types games of yesteryear, this action/adventure title has an arcade feel to it, but it’s so wickedly intuitive, funny, and challenging, you’ll have a hard time putting your controller down.

Combining bits and pieces of Zelda, Crash Bandicoot, and Dragon Quest, the game has you taking control of a daring but clumsy adventurer named Rusty who must save his world of Regalia from a chain of unfortunate events that threaten its very existence.

As you start your adventure, you’re given a basic shield and sword to defend yourself against an onslaught of formidable enemies. Eventually, you’ll unlock more special abilities called ‘ Spirit Powers’ which will allow you to harness the power of Fire, Ice, and Time against even more powerful and imposing bosses. 

For anyone that has played their share of Zelda inspired games, you’ll feel right at home with this title. The second you turn this game on you know you’re in for something really fun. The music and sound effects are, to say the least, very inspiring. Dramatic melodies with combinations of jazz and rock are used perfectly in synch with the action around you.

Graphically, the game looks unbelievable with lush landscape and impressive lighting effects that cast authentic shadows of your character and the environments in real-time. Combat animation is equally dramatic. When an enemy appears, you can choose your course of attack with either your sword or the aforementioned spirit powers. Whether you use to follow up with Fire, Ice or Time, the effects are a thing of beauty and quite a sight to see.

The game is played entirely in the third person view which is aesthetically pleasing and necessary since the mechanics for jumping between platforms and climbing require accuracy and timing. As you move around from level to level collectings items to either open doors or to spring traps, you are in complete control. Everything around you is exquisitely rendered on the fly and the controls are tight and responsive.

The only drawbacks and there are a few, is that the camera doesn’t always re-center itself around your character which is problematic in timed levels where you have to jump from pillar to pillar to find an escape. This has caused me to misjudge certain jumps resulting in my character’s unnecessary demise. Second, as fun as the game is, it’s rather short. Resourceful gamers who have experience with this type of game will make their way through this grand experience in no time.

Despite those minor gripes, however,  A Knight’s Quest is a solid title worthy of your gaming dollars. There’s an almost child-like appeal in adventure games where the goal is to look for treasure and to fight off the bad guys. It’s such a basic and simple premise that triggers the imaginations of the little boys and girls in all of us. But most importantly, the game is absolutely fun to play, and for that, it comes highly recommended.

– Simple and fun game mechanics
– Tight and responsive controls
– Animations are smooth and fluid


– The camera needs some tweaking
– Relatively short game

A Knight’s Quest offers a combination of adventure and fun that shouldn’t be missed.


very good