For those waxing nostalgic for the ’80s, it’s been a pretty good year. Developers have cashed in on the ever-popular and profitable market of recapturing lost youth with re-releases and new adaptions of classic arcade games. Insectipede, by developers LoadUpGames, attempts to bring gamers the best of both worlds by offering to them a ‘classic’ game in a new ‘enhanced’ mode.

Aside from the new augmented look, Insectipede is remarkably true to the original. While true Centipede devotees may find it amusingly similar, the experience is definitely brand new. What redeems Insectipede is its addicting and challenging gameplay. Play begins just as you remembered it as a kid; the centipede weaves its way through a bunch of misplaced blocks towards you. Aside from trying to blast away at its head, you must also try and destroy the centipede’s endless body parts that keep on wiggly down the screen even when separated from the rest of its body.

Things are kept interesting through the introduction of more power-ups with waves of various insects with destructive properties. The fifty challenging stages help keep you playing until your fingers start to go numb. The graphics, music, and sound are all well done, although more variety in the backgrounds would have been a nice touch.

Unlike most arcade ports that tend to start running out of steam by the 9th or the 10th level, the game retains the spirit of the original and offers just enough creative spark to keep it refreshing even after long sessions of play. If you’re part of the generation of gamers who grew up in the back alleys of arcades, Insectipede will seem like a familiar friend. Centiped lovers will not leave disappointed.