Milton, the Dragon. Beloved pet and friend of the walawalagames staff was taken suddenly from us this past weekend. Milton was recently promoted to head dragon and received his own designated space on top of Joel’s desk. But the pressure to remain angry, edgy, and entertaining were too much for his little dragon heart to take. After his weekly washing, we left him outside to dry. When it was time to let him back in, he was gone. Authorities have ruled his disappearance as a ‘runaway dragon’, but we think he took his own scaley life in his hands. 

There were warning signs of course. It’s obvious now that when he flew straight at a moving car at 100 mph, he was actually crying out for help. But how were we supposed to know? We just thought it was funny as hell. When he said he was going to hold his fiery breath until it burned him from the inside out, we just laughed and encouraged him to do it. We didn’t know he could actually die, from you know, heartburn. 

At his memorial, we played his favorite song, “Puff the Magic Dragon” and imagined him frolicking away to heaven in full armor. We definitely miss him. Of all the dragons we have displayed in the office, Milton was the best. 

This was Milton before the drugs, booze, and the hard-living got to him. Maybe if we supplied him the hookers he wanted, things would have ended differently. We will never know.

Milton always liked to play hide-and-seek. Sometimes he would hide between plants and pretend to be a caterpillar just waiting to blossom into a beautiful butterfly. Yeah, he was an oddball, but we loved him.

We’re going to miss this adorable face cry