The Ghost in the Shell franchise or Mobile Armored Riot Police as it is known in Japan is a series of manga comics written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow.

The story takes place in mid-Japan sometime in the 21st century and features characters working for a counter cyber terrorist task force dedicated to solving and preventing crimes. Ghost in the Shell has attracted a huge following in Japan and many parts of Asia and the Pacific Rim.

So when we had the opportunity to snag a wall size lithograph for our own personal use, we did not hesitate to purchase one.

The display stands about 7 feet in height by 5 feet fully stretched out. Unlike a poster, lithographs use different layers of print on top of each other to produce a more subtle 3D effect when viewing it from certain angles.

The actual printing process is done on a vinyl display to minimize the ink from soaking through the material which would make images appear washed out. Considering we purchased this in the mid-1990’s it still looks as vibrant and sharp as it did when we first brought it home with us.

Surprisingly, we never did mount it on a wall because no one wanted to puncture holes in it. And the Japanese print shop where we bought it from never included any type of wall hangers or made any pre-drilled holes.

As such, we’ve had it laying around in storage for close to 20 years only to rediscover it again when we did some spring cleaning around the office. This time we will mount it and have it on display for everyone to see.