We all love these franchises. They’ve given us great memories and some are even considered as the best in video game history. However, a lot of them haven’t gotten the attention they deserved in recent years or the most recent entries have just ruined their image in the public eye. A reboot isn’t
always the solution but for the following games, it wouldn’t really hurt to give it a try.

#5 Mega Man

There are ten classic Mega Man games, eight Mega Man X games, two Mega Man Legends game, a spin-off of that last series and we haven’t even counted the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man Battle Network titles. Capcom seems to have forgotten all about the Blue Bomber, however, and it is high
time that we get a reboot or a new series. Simply playing on nostalgia isn’t going to do the trick, however, as we’ve all seen how Mighty No.9 crashed.

#4 Silent Hill

This series really drove off the road and crashed into a ravine. The first three games are considered legends in the survival-horror genre but almost everything after that feels like a fan-made game instead of a true successor to the lineup. Silent Hill 2 really got the core values of the franchise right, focusing on emotional and mental horror more so than just jump scares and gore. We were going to get a good reboot wit Silent Hills, which would have involved Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus, and Guillermo del Toro but Konami really screwed that one up.

#3 Battletoads

This series is known for being fun and brutally difficult. It’s just odd how there’s no new entry in the series given how prominent the Battletoads have been recent. They’ve made an appearance on the new Killer Instinct and they were featured in Shovel Knight for the Xbox One but they haven’t been given their own new game. We need more platform-action games these days and Battletoads would be a perfect reminder of how old arcade beat ‘em ups are done right.

#2 Castlevania

Sorry Konami, you guys really don’t know how to handle your best IPs lately. Metal Gear Solid is likely dead now without Hideo Kojima’s involvement and we’ve already discussed how far Silent Hill has fallen since its heyday. The Castlevania series also needs some love and the recent Lords of Shadow series isn’t hitting the mark. We need a Castlevania game that either delivers the pinnacle of classic 2D action, something in the same veins as Castlevania: Rondo of Blood or Super Castlevania IV. Heck, even a new Metroidvania-style game would be appreciated. Order of Ecclesia
was the last one they made and that was almost a decade ago!

#1 Half-Life

We’ve been waiting for Half-Life 3 forever and Valve is very unlikely to ever make it. They’re swimming in dough from managing Steam alone so why would they waste time making a video game? If they ever do decide to make a new Half-Life game it might as well be a reboot. They could
also go the Resident Evil VII route and make it a sequel that also serves as a soft reboot. After all, Half-Life 1 and 2 barely have any connection, at least narrative-wise.

Honorable mentions: Resident Evil but that series already got a soft reboot with the seventh main title. Devil May Cry seriously needs a new reboot after the disappointing DmC: Devil May Cry game. Metal Gear Solid will need a fresh new take now that Konami no longer works with Hideo Kojima and we could benefit from a new Parasite Eve game.