Almost three decades ago this month, EA released Road Rash for the Sega Genesis. Neverwinter Nights was launched as the first graphical MMORPG. Capcom releases Street Fighter 2 in the arcades to eager arcade goers. Sega unleashed their mascot Sonic to the waiting public and Nintendo successfully launched the SNES in North America.

These were just a few of the events that occupied our gaming lives in 1991 – that is if you were even around to remember it. If not, join us as we take a look back to February 1991…

My copy of EGM’s February issue. As you can see, it’s a little rough along the edges, but the magazine still looks just as clean and crisp as it did back in ’91. NEC’s Bonk took home the cover honors for that month.

A small snippet article on Namco’s shooter Dangerous Seed for the Mega Drive which was only released in Japan.

A two-page article on NEC’s mascot, Bonk. I had a Turbo Grafx-16 console along with this game. Despite having decent gameplay, however, I never got into the whole big-headed caveman/caveboy adventures. In my opinion, Bonk lacked the personality of Mario and Sonic. NEC should have chosen the deranged ax-wielding nut case, Rick, from Splatterhouse as their mascot instead.

A list of upcoming 8-bit games. Bomberman and Aero Blaster were the two games I was looking forward to getting. Everything else felt, meh.

Thunderforce III was the Game of the Month and quite frankly, one of the best shooters I played back then.

Before it became the ‘Jaguar‘, Atari’s entry into the 16 and 32-bit market was codenamed, ‘Panther’. Pretty original name, huh?

Sword of Sodan was a game that piqued my interest. Unfortunately, I don’t think it ever was ever released. I could be wrong though.

Sadly, another grand shooter, Super Star Soldier never made it to this side of the Pacific. I’d sure like to meet the person who was making these decisions and punch him in the nose!

Storm Lord looked pretty good and was rumored to push the power of the Genesis. I don’t remember seeing this game in stores either, so I can’t comment on the gameplay.

Back in the day, it was considered a friendly gesture for system manufacturer’s to make fun of and criticize one another. This one, from SNK, inferred that if you played video games on any system other than the NEO GEO, you were literally a weenie. Nowadays, if you take out an ad like this you’d be sued for defamation!

Who could forget the Gameboy?

One thing that separated Elemental Master from the other 2D shooters around that time was that you played it vertically instead of the typical side-scroller. For whatever reason, I did much, much better with vertical shooters than with horizontal ones.