Twenty-five years ago, Gamefan released its June issue with Sega’s Bug! plastered on the cover. Despite the game receiving a lot of pre-release hype, Bug! was never able to achieve the success Sega was hoping for.

Another gaming milestone that took place in ’95 was the first ever Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 as it is known today. This event brought in the whos who in the industry and was a platform for developers and system manufacturers to show off their wares.

Let’s take a peek inside ….

Our copy of Gamefan magazine still looks great after 24 years
A small article on Shinobi for the upcoming Sega Saturn. At that time, the graphics were insane!
Panzer Dragoon was the one game I was absolutely hyped up for!
An Interview with Nintendo’s Howard Lincoln
Despite all the 32-bit excitement, Megaman (Rockman in Japan) proved that 16-bit gaming wasn’t quite dead yet
A Sneak Peek at Light Crusader
A side article on the 3DO’s 64-bit upgrade…the infamous M2!
Gamefans’ Japan Now! Section
Earth Bound
Gex for the 3DO took home Game of the Month honors
While not an exact port of the arcade version, Daytona USA for the Saturn was pretty impressive. It would eventually be the pack-in game for the Sega’s flagship console.
What magazine would be complete without an ad for the jaguar?