About Us

Wala Wala Whaaaaat?

WWG is built around a happy few individuals who enjoy reliving the good spirit of games. We’re not professionals by any means, but who said video games had to be? Quality video game content comes from those passionate enough to pick up a controller, pop open a bag of Doritos, and get their fix through a “hard day’s work.” And that’s precisely where we come in.

Everything Video Games

We aim to deliver quality content that captures everything strange, compelling, and awesome about video games. We believe that video games are a wonderful expression of creativity and art. We want our content to reflect that.


While we’re lawfully loyal to our battle stations, we aren’t afraid to explore more than PC gaming. We’re especially interested in everything retro. Past generations of gaming culture is a culture that you just cannot replicate. Join us as we have weekly retro reviews and scout out the best pickups around!