Top 5 Classic Game Boy Hidden Gems

The classic Game Boy proved that video games weren’t just for powerful PCs and home consoles. It proved you could still enjoy video games even when on the go and to this day its legacy is felt with the likes of the 3DS, the PS Vita and smart phones. However, while everyone is sure to pick up classic games like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening or Super Mario Land, there are a few hidden gems worth checking out.

All of the games on this list deserve a look but this isn’t a guarantee they’re the absolute best in the Game Boy’s library. They definitely are interesting and fun to play but have been overshadowed by more popular games at the time.

#5 Kid Dracula

If you’ve read our review for this game then you’ll know just how amazing it is. It has great graphics, spot-on controls and the bosses are challenging but never impossible. Kid Dracula can also utilize numerous abilities like transforming into a bat or walk on ceilings. Sure, the Game Boy had some really epic action-adventure titles like Super Mario Land 2 and Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge but this one definitely deserves some attention.

#4 Hammerin’ Harry: Ghost Breeding Company

The Hammerin’ Harry franchise enjoyed a few years of success in Japan and some titles were released in Europe but it wasn’t until 2008’s Hammerin’ Hero for the PSP that North America really got a taste of it. Game Boy collectors should seek out this title, which was translated and made available in Europe. It plays like a traditional 2D beat-em-up like Double Dragon but there’s a certain rhythm to it that reminds me of shoot-em-ups in an odd manner. This one, in particular, sees the titular hero (known as Gen in Japan) fighting the undead.

#3 Mole Mania

Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, produced this game and it is arguably one of his least known titles. It’s a shame too because Mole Mania is freaking fantastic. It’s a puzzle game of sorts where you take control of a mole, Muddy Mole, who is traversing through the land to save his family, who has been kidnapped by a farmer. The main gimmick here is that Muddy can dig under the ground and move underneath obstacles so you’ll have to figure out how to maneuver each layout in order to take out enemies and reach the end goal.

#2 James Bond 007

Yes, there is a James Bond game on the Game Boy and yes, it’s actually pretty decent. The developers knew the handheld wouldn’t give them the resources necessary for a big action game and wisely turned to the action-RPG genre instead. The end result is that James Bond 007 plays out more like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, focusing on a mixture of combat and puzzles while presenting the game in a top-down perspective.

#1 Bubble Ghost

You play as a cute ghost and the goal is to guide a bubble to the end of a dangerous level by blowing on it. That may sound like a very basic premise – and it is – but the actual experience is quite fun. It starts out deceptively easy but soon enough you’ll have to blow out candles, blow on trumpets to put snake to sleep, dodge through moving spikes and even lasers. Don’t let the simple mechanics and cute graphics fool you because this is definitely one really good Game Boy game worth trying out.


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