Quick Review: Road Redemption (Steam)

Nobody’s managed to do justice to motorcycle racing on the PC yet, but with Road Redemption, Pixel Dash Studios has a potential championship prospect on their hands.

This arcade-style racer delivers edge of your street racing packed with tight turns, brutal weapons, and other challenging road obstacles that will test your reflexes like no other game has.

“But the biggest drawback with the game is the repetitiveness that sinks in after a few hours of play”

The combination of on-road and off-road action flat out rocks, keeping the fun factor high as you scream through the interwinding roads of America’s flatlands. While Redemption is a thrill a second ride, it does have a few glaring flaws. For one, the bike handling felt a little loose making it feel as if you’re racing on ice instead of a paved road. This is a shame, really, because a game of this nature requires precision control and handling to get the most out of it.

But the biggest drawback with the game, however, is the repetitiveness that sinks in after just a few hours of play. It’s not because RR isn’t fun, it just lacks the variety to keep the fun factor going. I think one reason is that RR throws everything at you from the get-go, so once you’ve seen what the game has to offer in the early levels, there’s really nothing to keep you vested as you progress further into the game.

Still, for players longing for a spiritual successor to Road Rash, Redemption is a good option; albeit, the only option. The racing is fast paced, the music is rockin’ and beating the crap outta your opponents with a baseball bat never gets old. If you have the patience and will to stick to it till the end, then you’ll find Road Redemption’s gameplay rivetingly satisfying.

– Terence

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Tony W

I played it when it was in early accesss and it became really boring and frustrating at the same time. The races on the rooftops were just stupid. It’s too bad the devs didn’t do more to improve the game before release.