Double the Fun! MegaDimension Neptunia VII on Sale – $6.75

Fanatical, formerly known to many as Bundlestars is having a sale on Megadimension Neptunia VII for $6.75 (that’s 85% off the retail price!).

This Deluxe Edition is filled with action, adventure, and well, cute big boobed characters! What more do you want? Grab ’em while you can! I mean the game, not the boobs!

Key Features:

  • New Battle Features
    Characters can link up for stronger attacks, “Parts Break” allows you to split enemies into pieces to lower their stats and disable special attacks, and “Giant Battles” impose limits that will challenge the strategist in you!
  • NEXT mode
    A second transformation is now available! You can break those big baddies into bits with NEXT mode, which features new special skills and a new costume for the CPUs!
  • Three Worlds, Three Stories
    Three different story modes! With new CPUs and characters at your side, you must fight through three dimensions to save Gamindustri!
  • New Dungeon Minigame! 
    An homage to the classic “Spelunker,” you receive special items when you clear this dungeon under the time limit!

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Good deal, thanks for the share