Join Post-Apocalyptic Online PvP Battles Now in INSIDIA Open Beta


Bad Seed today announced that their post-apocalyptic turn-based PC game INSIDIA is now available on Steam Early Access. INSIDIA is a free-to-play online strategy title that combines tactical planning and cunning deception as players face off in 1v1 turn-based combat to dominate and counter their opponent’s moves within the game map.

We are delighted to launch the Open Beta of INSIDIA”, said Gianpaolo Greco, Producer of Bad Seed. “Now all competitive turn-based strategy fans can join the post-apocalyptic mayhem and refine their strategies while the game is still in development”.

Each INSIDIA player fights to secure critical objects in order to destroy the enemy’s defenses and gain outright victory. A colorful roster of wild characters including fierce punks, mutated wizards and steampunk knights forms the core of a player’s fully customizable hand-picked team of champions, each with their own unique set of abilities and skills.

Check out the game on Steam!