E3 2017 Date and Times of Press Conference

For the 22nd year in a row, the Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3 is poised to kick off in Los Angeles on June 13 – 15. We were fortunate enough to attend last year’s event and were overwhelmed by the sheer number of people trying to get interviews and sneakĀ peek of the hottest games available. Many had to wait for hours while most never even got a chance to attend any of the liveĀ press conferences.

If you’re planning on attending this year, we’ve included the dates, times and scheduled events for your convenience and to make the process (and wait) easier.


Conference Date Time (PT) Live Stream
EA Saturday, June 10th 12:00 PM EA Twitch Channel
Microsoft Sunday, June 11th 2:00 PM Xbox Twitch Channel
Bethesda Sunday, June 11th 9:00 PM Bethesda Twitch Channel
PC Gaming Show Monday, June 12th 10:00 AM PCGamer Twitch Channel
Ubisoft Monday, June 12th 1:00 PM Ubisoft Twitch Channel
Sony Monday, June 12th 6:00 PM PlayStation Twitch Channel
Nintendo Tuesday, June 13th 9:00 AM Nintendo Twitch Channel




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interested if EA is going to release any of their sports titles to the PC