It’s Craaaazy! My Crazy Taxi Cutout is Still Rocking!

How time flies, eh?

I remember wandering into an arcade and seeing this devilishly looking yellow arcade cabinet that sort of resembled a taxi cab. I watched in amusement as some guy was driving around the virtual city picking up passengers and dropping them off for points and extended playtime. But the gameplay went beyond just driving around, it was how you got those passengers to their destinations that put a silly grin on my face.

That was almost 20 years ago and I still have my original unopened Crazy Taxi game disk for the Dreamcast with me. And not just that, I still have the cardboard cutout display that came with it. Considering it’s been in storage for nearly two decades tucked between a coffee table and a mini-fridge, the damn thing still looks as impressive now as it did then!

After 20 years…not a wrinkle in sight!



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Sega man

LOL i saw one of these on display when EB Games was still around!


love the game!!!!!!!!!!
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