A Mario Kart Knock Off … Minus the Fun! Atari Karts Retro Review


RETRO REVIEW – Unlike many of the staff here at walawalagames, I didn’t grow up owning a Jaguar. In fact, it wasn’t until a few years back that I manage to get a hold of one that I was finally able to call myself a ‘Jaguar Owner.’

Even though the system seemed very underpowered (compared to the PS1 and Saturn at that time), it did have a few notable games such as Rayman and Tempest 2000 to brag about. Despite the handful of decent titles on the system, however, the Jag was plagued by many below average games, one of which I’m writing about now.



Atari Karts as you can tell is a knock off of Mario Kart without the fighting and the fun. While the game will entertain the younger kids, everyone else should steer clear of the simple and generic gameplay.

Packed with cutesy racers like Bentley the Bear and Pum King, the colorful graphics sends you around a generous selection of short circuit courses, collecting power-ups and dodging obstacles. Fortunately, the responsive controls help you chart a clear course towards the finish line.

The bright, well-detailed tracks and likable characters should hold the attention span of any 10-year old. Spirited and perky tunes keep the action light but the rest of the sound effects, however, leave everything sounding dull and boring.

The races themselves present just the right levels of cuteness and offer a variety of challenges to those looking for a decent racing game. Despite Atari’s best efforts to surpass Nintendo’s reigning Kart champion, Atari Karts blows an engine from the start and never even makes it to the finish line. It’s a fun little title to add to your Jaguar collection, especially if you’re into retro gaming. Otherwise, stay clear of it.



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