‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’ First Impressions

“Assassin’s Creed Origins” was recently released to the public by Ubisoft. A lot of fans are now clamoring for a copy of this game due to its beautiful sceneries and improved gameplay. I got my digital copy and it took a while to download due to its enormous data size (60 GB).

This is the latest of the popular “Assassin’s Creed” game franchise. This one is set in Ancient Egypt with encounters of famous historical figures like Cleopatra. Here are my first impressions of this big Egyptian video game experience.

Fluid Gameplay

The first thing that you would notice as you play the game for the first time is the fluid gameplay action. You can fight against your enemies smoothly this time around without getting into snags. These slight interruptions happened in the past titles, which were kind of annoying to happen.

Fighting, in particular, is now really responsive thanks to more intuitive controls. I can evade and counter enemies without doubting myself that I did not press the evade button enough. With just one press, I instantly moved to another side and avoided a heavy attack from my first opponent.

Attacks are better this time around as well. With the few weapons I have in the first duel, I decimated my enemy with little effort. It was a great first duel in my opinion.

The Scenic Views are Beautiful

As a whole, the graphics of “Assassin’s Creed Origins” is beautiful that I am having difficulty giving another word for it. The game’s world is so wide and expansive that it is hard to choose the best scenic views. Climbing up a tall building and look far into the distance can get you access to the best views in this game.

The drawing distance from afar is quite impressive since another studio handled this part of the game. The water looks realistic and genuine that you would think it was real. The greenery still looks like artificial in my opinion, but the way it moves in the wind looks pretty realistic as well.

Climbing is Cloe to Perfect

Fans of the game franchise will not have to worry about the climbing mechanic because it was fixed in this version. The main protagonist, Bayek can climb almost any kind of surface this time around, which is a big help. In the past, players were forced to climb in certain terrain only to push them to the narrative, which is now absent in this.

More natural Dialogue

“Assassin’s Creed Origins” has the best natural conversations I have seen in the game franchise so far. In the past, conversations with other characters looked artificial and a bit static. This time around, Bayek is conversing with other characters in human-like facial movements.

In case you haven’t noticed, but I’m very impressed so far with the game. Stay tune for a full review!