The Dawn of Adventure Games Just Got Brighter! A Near Dawn Gets Kickstarter Campaign!

The adventure is real. The experience is legendary. That’s how I would describe Far-off Daydream Game’s latest offering, A Near Dawn. Inspired by traditional adventure titles like Broken Sword and Monkey Island, A Near Dawn aims at capturing the classics gameplay that made those two titles instant classics.

The game ventures into the dark psychological setting about a Seattle attorney suffering from increasingly straining psychological issues that are being pushed to the limit by a sinister conspiracy that he hopes to unravel. With one part darkness and two parts humor, A Near Dawn will captivate you with gut-wrenching thrills wrapped neatly around a mature oriented theme.

  • Gorgeous artwork rendered in 1080HD
  • Immersive cinematics with some illustrated frame-by-frame animation
  • Fully voiced audio by exceptionally talented actors
  • Beautiful original soundtrack
  • Point and Click interface with puzzles to resolve
  • Psychological tension – the main character is psychologically vulnerable and can give in to his dark side depending on your decisions, altering the course of your interactions with others
  • Multiple endings – your successes or failures can take you off course from the true ending

Far-off Daydream Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign that you should definitely check out if you love traditional PC adventure games! You can also check it out on Steam and on their official site!

A Near Dawn is scheduled to be released around the 3rd quarter of 2018. We can’t wait!



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Looking good!

Rafael Pena

If this can come close to Monkey Island then it will be worth waiting for, definitely.If you’re a fan of the monkey island series ( and like most people I’m sure you are) you should be excited for this one.